Investing in Entrepreneurs

All Black Ventures provides entrepreneur focused marketing consultancies servicing all the needs of entrepreneurs. We are all about helping you, the entrepreneur, in your personal branding. All Black Ventures, with it’s affiliated brands – The Dark Art of Marketing, Black Marketing, Mohawk Marketing and Chris J Reed Mastery is lead by multi-award winning LinkedIn Power Profile, CEO, and No.1 International bestselling author of three books, Chris J Reed.


Enabling LinkedIn for You

Black Marketing is an award-winning, independent, boutique B2B marketing consultancy that specializes in enabling you to achieve your business objectives through LinkedIn. Black Marketing specializes in enhancing your personal brand, managing your company LinkedIn page and generate your B2B

marketing strategy. We position you as a thought leader in your industry and help you win new business.


Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

The Dark Art of Marketing – Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs, will transform your personal brand to Rock Star status. Our highly exclusive and boutique personal branding consultancy will manage all aspects of your personal brand. We accentuate your personal brand beyond LinkedIn enabling you to become a thought leader, appear on stage, win awards, publish books, get you headhunted, win non-executive positions.

From your LinkedIn profile to your YouTube channel. From becoming a best-selling author to a non-Executive Director. From your interviews and blogs to your speaking engagements and award entries. From networking at the right events to the way you look and dress. The Dark Art of Marketing will intelligently and sophisticatedly ensure that your personal brand is one to be reckoned with.


Business Advice With A Spike

Whether you are looking for advice on how to become an entrepreneur or become a keynote speaker, enhance your executive career or become a thought leader, best selling author or start your business Mohawk Marketing can help you.

You may not want a fully retained service from Black Marketing or even be able to afford it. That’s where Mohawk Marketing comes in. You get my unbridled and direct advice for as long as you want. One hour, 10 hours. Entirely up to you. I’d love to help you with pragmatic and honest business advice. Let me know how.

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Masterclasses That Engage, Delight, Educate and Entertain

Learn from the only LinkedIn Power Profile Winner 6 years running on how you can transform your LinkedIn to achieve all of your objectives in a professional context and enable your company to achieve it’s objectives too. Based on both his No.1 International Bestselling Books “LinkedIn Mastery For Entrepreneurs” and “Personal Branding Mastery For Entrepreneurs” Chris’s Masterclasses engage, delight, educate and entertain.


Mix Business with Pleasure

Spark helps LinkedIn professionals find love among other LinkedIn professionals who are looking for a relationship, by combining the power of LinkedIn social media and Tinder love matching platform. 

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Social Selling Masterclasses, Conferences, Events and Services

Social Selling enables you to do everything in Social Selling to achieve your sales and marketing goals! We organize full-day Conferences, Events and, Masterclasses. We provide a unique and practical coverage of every aspect of Social Selling, both for B2B and B2C suited for, start-up, SME, and MNC. Acclaimed speakers will take us through every aspect of Social Selling.



Social Selling Masterclasses, Conferences, Events and Services

Rockstar Keynote Speaker mission is to help matching women keynote speakers with conferences, events, panels, and public speaking opportunities worldwide in this male-dominated industry. We also coach aspiring to-be rockstar speakers, female and male alike, in our mission to create equality and fair opportunities. Do you want to make a difference? If you are an event organiser or if you are an aspiring keynote speaker who got something to say but lacking a stage, contact us to help you make that difference!

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The Only CEO With a Mohawk!

Chris J Reed is the Only CEO With A Mohawk! He is also the most recommended LinkedIn marketing entrepreneur on LinkedIn with over 650 LinkedIn recommendations. Chris is also a three times No.1 International Bestselling Author with his books “Personal Branding Mastery for Entrepreneurs”, “LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs”, the No.1 book about LinkedIn on Amazon and “Social Selling Mastery For Entrepreneurs”.


Chris is also the most controversial LinkedIn marketing entrepreneur and CEO in Singapore. Appearing on the front page of local newspapers for the wrong and right reasons, saying what he thinks and engaging happily on LinkedIn and in the marketing and business press has created a classic “marmite” personal brand. Love him or hate him he’s making a mark! Mumbrella called Chris “the most colorful marketing founder”.