We provide entrepreneurs, CEO’s, VP’s, Presidents, MD’s and founders of B2B businesses with a personalized LinkedIn service. Our clients come from anywhere in the world and from any B2B sector.


Our clients are leading companies in financial services, telecommunications, marketing, advertising, design, oil and gas, education, non-profit, management consultancy, sponsorship, social media, research, pharmaceuticals, coaching, training, employee engagement, workplace strategy, stakeholder engagement, communications, technology, FMCG, retail, media, events, brand experience and digital to name but a few.


Our clients are like you and don’t have the time to maximise and manage their own LinkedIn profile effectively and may not have the expertise to maximise their presence on LinkedIn. We provide a tailored, personalized service for you to ensure that your brand presence on LinkedIn achieves all your business goals.


If you are looking for senior marketing communications and new business experts, but do not have the time nor headcount, you should call us. 


Don’t miss out on what your competitors are doing on Linkedin and get left behind!


“Chris, The only CEO with a Mohawk has very good insight on LinkedIn and it's power on branding. I have attended his personal branding masterclass twice because his classes offer good practical tips for great person branding.. He is very helpful and even rolled up his sleeves to help newbies like me in our practical sessions.”​​

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Gary Oh, Founder & Director, Inglo Enterprise

"Marketers usually promise to think out of the box, to help you make your service look remarkable in the eyes of the customer, and to differentiate your product from competitors. But they themselves are still in the box, unremarkable and undifferentiated. Well, Chris clearly walks the talk on marketing – and you can see that just by looking at him. But his marketing prowess goes beyond the mohawk. Chris also mixes the soft skills of creativity with the hard skills of running an effective business. Don't decide on engaging a marketer until and unless you've met Chris Reed."

Mark Laudi, Managing Partner, CreditMark
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"Chris is a living example of how to pursue your passion and make a career out of it. We have worked together on a number of events as well as editorial pieces; his passion for marketing, and building personal brands, is unmissable. In the market currently, Chris' expertise on LinkedIn is unparalleled. He is your go-to-person for all things LinkedIn."

Rayana Pandey, Social content lead, StarHub
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"I've known Chris for the past couple of years and subsequently became a client at BlackMarketing. Chris is attends regular events at the different chambers of commerce in Singapore and has his own views on the impact of social selling and the benefits it can have on your business model. I have found Chris to be well versed in his areas of expertise which has led to him being a successful business man as well as a good friend."

Charles Edwards, Partner, St. James’s Place Wealth Management
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