Very simply we takeover your LinkedIn profile and manage every aspect for you.


We save you time and use our extensive knowledge, expertise and experience to enable you to achieve whatever you want on LinkedIn. We enable you to maximise LinkedIn without ever needing to actually go near your own LinkedIn profile to do so. We do it all for you.


We revamp your profile, adding keywords for search optimisation, media to make it look sexy and engaging, videos that people can actually watch on your profile on their mobile and laptop.


We add the right kind of connections with a personalised message to enable you to reach their connections and their connections’ connections, the 3 degrees of separation on LinkedIn


We create a compelling content marketing plan for you writing blogs and short posts, using your business photos and shooting videos for you for us to upload natively onto LinkedIn and through YouTube to your summary and experience sections. We also use hashtags and influencers to maximise your views.

We create 10 different social selling scripts for you to use in all aspects of social selling on LinkedIn from who viewed your profile to inbound connections, from those that like your content to those that follow you.


We use Sales Navigator Team on your account to create 15 target lists and then use the Point Drive aspect to share case studies, white papers, services and videos to engage and track everyone who has accessed them. We then send out inmails, open profile messages and 1st degree connection messages to generate leads for you. We can find anyone, anywhere in the world for you.


Here are a couple of our best selling services and our best selling masterclass. Contact me to discuss further on

A summary of what we can do for you can be viewed on our pointDrive here


Chris J Reed's 1,100 LinkedIn Recommendations can be viewed on our pointDrive here